Estate Planning & Date of Death

Document NameEstate Planning & Date of Death: Until you go through the process yourself, settling out an estate and closing a trust are things people know little about. Here is some information on estate settlement as it pertains to Clark County real estate:
Whenever there is a transfer of ownership of a property due to death or inheritance, an appraisal is required for tax purposes. Often the attorney, accountant, or executor will find a local appraiser to provide a valuation for tax purposes.

The appraisal is usually ordered within 2-6 months, but retrospective appraisals can be completed on a property over 5 years prior to determine the value as of the date of death. These appraisals are fairly common in estate settlement situations, and we can help you at no additional cost for retrospective valuations in most situations.

Every estate situation is different, and this is something you should not have to worry about. We would be happy to speak directly with your attorney or accountant to clarify exactly what is needed in your specific situation.

Our firm has over 14 years’ experience in providing high quality estate and date of death valuations. Hundreds of attorneys, accountants and financial planners have come to rely on Legend Appraisals Inc. for these services. In many cases, settling out an estate can be a difficult time for the family members involved. Allow us to treat your family with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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